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About Kentucky Woods Bourbon Barrel Cakes

Kentucky is known for many fine things in life. Thoroughbreds, stately horse farms, bourbon, bluegrass, it's southern hospitality and Kentucky Woods®, Bourbon Barrel Cake™. Following the strict tradition of making aged Kentucky bourbon, the Kentucky Woods® cake is like a fine bourbon that is meant to be enjoyed, savored and cherished. Smooth sipping, Kentucky bourbon is the finest bourbon in the world. Originally named after Bourbon County, Kentucky, bourbon has been produced in Kentucky in charred oak wood barrels since the 18th century. Two hundred years of tradition are in every Kentucky Woods® cake. Made from aged Kentucky bourbon, Kentucky Woods® cake is a moist brown sugar cake with a blend of bourbon essence chocolate cake, topped with walnuts and a chocolate and caramel bourbon icing. We use the pure essence of bourbon. The richest form of bourbon. Kentucky Woods® Bourbon Barrel Cake is made only one way, in small batches, slow baked and soaked to provide the smooth Kentucky bourbon flavoring in each Kentucky Woods® cake. Steeped in 200 years of Kentucky heritage. After baking we allow our Kentucky Woods® cake to mellow like a fine Kentucky bourbon should. Each cake is then packed in a handmade wood barrel cake box that is handmade in the U.S.A following in the oak barrel tradition used for over 200 years! ​ Get yourself one today, they're mighty fine!