Adam Matthews Bakery

Kentucky Woods Bourbon Barrel Cake

Our gourmet cake is made with Kentucky Bourbon aged in oak barrels to create a rich, delicious, and unique taste. The alcohol is baked out giving the cake a delicious flavor that’s safe for the entire family.

8 Inch


10 Inch


The Kentucky Woods Bourbon Barrel Cake is a taste of Bluegrass Heritage in every bite.

The Kentucky Woods Bourbon Cake is made with the finest aged local bourbon and topped with fresh walnuts from the south. Flavor pops with the decadent Chocolate and Carmel icing drizzled over each Bourbon cake.

Storage: Our cakes are delivered fresh and quickly. Refrigerate upon arrival. For extended storage, keep in the original wrap and freeze up to 6 months. Once defrosted (or opened) serve within 5 days. Always keep well wrapped and consume by best by date. Enjoy.