Adam Matthews Bakery

Cayman Cove Rum Cake

Our Cayman Cove Spiced Rum Cake is a decadent brown sugar spiced rum cake made with real barrel-aged, spiced rum. It has all the flavor of Caribbean spiced rum without any of the alcohol. Our decadent cake features a blend of warm baking spices, notes of vanilla bean, the smoky sweet taste and aroma of real molasses, the rich flavor of dark brown sugar, and of course the complex notes of spiced rum! Each cake is generously topped with sugar glazed pecans and soaked in simple syrup for a moist and rich taste that can be enjoyed from the first bite to the last crumb!


Real Barrel - Aged Spiced Rum Flavor In Every Bite!

The Cayman Cove Spiced Rum Cake is a versatile cake that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways for many occasions. Start your day with a little decadence… this cake is perfect as an accompaniment with a morning cup of coffee. Reward yourself with an afternoon treat, perfect for a slice of our spiced rum cake. Or look forward to an after-dinner indulgence with a warm slice of spiced rum cake topped with a scoop of your favorite ice cream… our favorite is a butter pecan. Experience the difference of a handmade
cake delivered right to your door.

Order one today for yourself or for someone special – it is a treat not soon forgotten.

Storage: Our products are delivered fresh and quickly.

Our cakes are baked and immediately flash frozen to arrive fresh and fast to your door. Our cake is best stored refrigerated or frozen until time to enjoy. Warm cake in a 350 F oven for 10-15 minutes, enjoy, cover and refrigerate unused portions. Detailed instructions are included with each cake delivered.